Fruit Fly Remedies to Help Keep Clean Of Diseases and Germs

by | Jul 13, 2012 | Pest Control

One of the biggest nuisances in our households or restaurants are fruit flies and there are some fruit fly remedies too to help you keep away from them. These fruit fly remedies are extremely essential and often very handy to get rid of these extremely ugly and stubborn flies. It is often seen that no matter how much spray you use and how many flies you kill, they always seem to come back. The only possible way to get rid of these fruit flies is to adopt healthy practices and keep the surroundings clean so that there is no place for these flies to and read and produce eggs. In addition to that, using some of the simple and effective fruit fly remedies can also be extremely helpful.

Common Fruit Fly Remedies To Keep Flies Away

There are a number of simple home remedies that you can use to trap flies and try to get rid of at least a part of their population. The first and most commonly advised remedy is the apple cider vinegar fly trap. All you need to do is take a small mouthed bottle and fill it a little with apple cider vinegar. Cover the mouth of the bottle with plastic wrap and punch a few holes in the plastic wrap. You will soon see a number of flies trapped inside the bottle and drowned in the vinegar.
This is because the fruity smell of the apple cider vinegar attracts the flies and they crawl inside the bottle through the small holes in the plastic wrap. They however find it exceedingly difficult to find their way back and hence drown themselves in the vinegar and die. Once the bottle has trapped enough flies, you can drain the contents of the bottle out, refill it and repeat the entire procedure. There are other remedies like the sticky tape and the wine bottle trap etc. That you can use to get rid of a significant number of fruit flies.

Cleanliness Is The Best Fruit Fly Remedy

The reason fruit flies come into your house is food. The best way to get rid of fruit flies is to eliminate their attraction. Make sure you don’t leave any food substance uncovered that the flies can smell and get attracted to. Flies are also attracted towards garbage. So make it a point to empty your trash can every day so that the flies cannot breed in there. Maintaining a clean atmosphere is the best of all of fruit fly remedies.



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