How Outdoor Pavers Can Help Protect Your Backyard From Erosion

by | Jul 5, 2019 | Home and Garden

You probably love making memories in your backyard. If you truly appreciate your backyard, then it’s important to protect and maintain it, so its beauty can last throughout the years. One of the forces you’ll have to battle as you take care of your backyard is erosion. Attrition can cause your backyard to be uneven and deplete nutrient-rich topsoil, leading to unhealthy plants. Here are a few ways to control erosion in your backyard:

Retaining wall: If part of your backyard is on an incline, you’ll want to consider a retaining wall. This type of wall provides a physical barrier against erosion by containing dirt and organic material, preventing rain from carrying them away. Pavers: If you have a frequently traveled path in your backyard, outdoor pavers in Sarasota can help protect that path from erosion. By installing a hard surface over the worn ground, you help compact the soil to keep it in place and prevent further wear and tear as you walk back and forth. Plants: The roots of plants help hold soil in place, preventing erosion. Grass makes a great choice, but closely spaced native plants are also effective at preventing erosion.

Observation Before Action

Before you install any outdoor pavers in Sarasota area, it’s important to study the natural contours of your lawn to ensure you place them in the correct locations. During a heavy rain, observe your lawn to watch where water tends to collect and where it tends to travel, taking pictures or videos so you won’t forget.

That way, when you go to install your erosion-prevention elements, you can be sure to put them in areas that truly need them rather than areas that could be negatively affected. Then, when you’re done, you can sit back and enjoy your lawn, knowing it will be protected for years to come.

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