Housekeeping Versus House Cleaning Services in Lincoln, CA

by | Dec 1, 2021 | House Cleaning Service

Before you hire house cleaning services in Lincoln, CA, you should understand what to expect. House cleaning services are different from housekeepers. Your expectations need to match their responsibilities or you will be left feeling disappointed. For example, if you expect a house cleaner to change and make your beds, you will be dissatisfied when they do not perform this task. House cleaners clean your home while housekeepers perform these everyday activities.


A housekeeper will help you perform daily activities such as laundry, dishes, and cooking. Often, homeowners will hire live-in housekeepers. This gives them more access to assist in daily activities. Housekeeping responsibilities include:

Washing, folding, and ironing clothes

Running errands for families

Replacing light bulbs

Cleaning litter boxes

Changing and making beds

Picking up toys and clutter

Preparing and cooking meals

Housekeeping services greatly differ from house cleaning services in Lincoln, CA. Housekeepers are individuals who will be in your home for longer periods. You will be required to pay the housekeeper for their time and supply them with the tools needed to complete the job.

House Cleaners

House cleaners come equipped with all the tools to clean your home. They do not perform the daily duties housekeepers perform. House cleaning services in Lincoln, CA include:

Sweeping, mopping, and vacuuming

Wiping down counters

Cleaning appliances

Scrubbing and sanitizing kitchen and bathrooms

Cleaning interior windows


House cleaners will be in your home for a shorter amount of time. They only have a short amount of time to clean your home, so it is helpful to pick up the clutter in your home. It is hard to sweep and mop a floor that has children’s toys scattered along its surface.

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