Get More Use from Your Garage Space with a Garage Door Screen

by | Jul 18, 2019 | Garage Doors

You may want to use your garage as more than a place to park your cars. You can use your home’s garage as a place to set up a workshop, a game room or a gym. In order to get the most use from this area, you may want to provide for natural light, a cooling breeze and an insect guard. You can have all of these things with the best retractable garage door screen that Jacksonville has to offer.

Benefits of a Retractable Screen

The market offers a wide variety of garage door screens. You can choose one for your home that is best suited to how you plan to use the garage area. Some are intended to block the glare and UV rays from the sun. Other materials will keep out the insects but still let a cool cross breeze in. Furthermore, the screens and attaching frames are available in many colors. There is sure to be a color that is just right for your home.

Additional Garage Door Screen Features

If something is easy to use, you will definitely get more utility from it. With a remote opener, your screen will be easy to let down and retract, so you will find that you are using it all the time. Since a garage screen can help to keep the heat of the sun out but let the light and cool air in, you should save money on your home’s utility costs.

Investigate a Garage Door Screen Today

Contact a professional contractor for a retractable garage door screen that Jacksonville homeowners have learned that they can depend on. With a variety of colors and screen types, there is sure to be one that will enhance your home value and help you to get the most use of your garage space.

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