How Is Summer Mowing Different Than Spring Mowing?

by | Jul 25, 2019 | Landscaping

We have all walked by the house with a yellow and brown lawn that’s dying from the sun or lack of care. It can be an eyesore in the neighborhood. No one wants their lawns to look like that. However, it is summer and many homeowners don’t know there are different rules for taking care of your lawn during the summer than other times of the year, making it essential to work with an experienced lawn mowing service in Cumming.

Summer Mowing vs. Mowing in Spring

One of the first things your lawn mowing service in Cumming understands is it’s essential to mow your lawn less frequently in summer than in spring. The heat of the summer dries up the moisture from the spring rains and your lawn doesn’t grow as fast as it did during the previous season so it doesn’t need to be cut as often. The most important thing during the summer is to keep your grass moist. Your mowing professionals will help with this task by setting the mower to remove less grass, leaving it at about 3 ½ to four inches to help shade the ground and keep it moist.

Another thing your lawn mowing service in Cumming is sure to do is to only remove about ⅓ of the grass length. Cutting larger quantities of grass can cause it to turn brown faster because it removes too much moisture. If your lawn has become overgrown, the professionals will make multiple passes, cutting it in stages to protect the delicate grass. They are also more likely to mow in the morning or evening hours to avoid the hot sun.

If you’re looking for more information on a lawn mowing service in Cumming, visit the Absolute Lawn Pros website to see how they can make your lawn shine.

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