Four Types of Fiber Materials Available for Shaw Carpet in Skokie, Illinois

by | Jan 22, 2019 | Home Improvement

Many homeowners look specifically for Shaw carpet in Skokie, Illinois because they’ve heard about the positive features of this home improvement item. The manufacturer uses four types of fibers in its products. In some cases, the carpet has a blend of fibers, but usually, the carpeting consists of just one type. These fibers are all synthetic, being made of nylon, polyester, polypropylene or PTT.


Nylon is usually viewed as the all-around best carpeting material. That goes for Shaw carpet in Skokie, Illinois too, as shown on the manufacturer’s website. All the types of fibers are superb in the characteristic of stain resistance as compared with natural materials like wool and cotton. However, nylon outperforms the others in different areas.

Nylon carpeting from a supplier like American Carpet Distributors is available in many more styles and colors. It’s more resistant to soil than the other fibers are, and it maintains its original texture for a longer time. See visit us website for details on this particular carpet supplier.


The Polyester may be more stain resistant than nylon. That’s appealing to homeowners with dogs that may track in dirt or have an accident on the floor. It also is an appealing feature for people who like to entertain frequently, which increases the risk of beverage and food spills. It costs less than nylon, making it the material of choice for most general contractors when building new houses.


Because of its long chemical name, this material is generally called triexta or PTT. Invented and only produced by DuPont, this is relatively new material. It is similar to polyester but more durable, almost matching that positive aspect of nylon. Its appearance also has nylon’s matte finish as contrasted with the shinier look of the other plastic fibers.


Polypropylene and polyester are both types of plastic. Polypropylene is also a very common choice for carpet, although it is not considered to be as high-quality material as polyester for this use. This material tends to rank lowest of the four in regard to the various features people want when they shop for carpeting. One point of appeal for some individuals is the texture’s similarity to wool.

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