Eliminate Mowing Hazards and Beautify That Lawn With Expert Stump Removal

by | Apr 11, 2017 | Home and Garden

Trees in the lawn can make any yard beautiful. However, trees can develop problems and there are times when they require removal. For instance, a tree can become diseased to the point that it cannot be cured or the plant may have gotten so old that its limbs have died. Unfortunately, the removal of a tree means cutting it down and this leaves a stump that can be difficult to eradicate. There are several methods of Stump Removal, but the most common include digging up the stump or grinding it down. The latter option tends to be preferred because it causes less damage to the property.

One problem that tree stumps can cause is exposed roots. This can result in mower damage and physical hazards such as tripping. Some tree species are worse than others like oaks. Oak trees tend to have shallow root systems that spread across the ground. Removing the stump from a dead oak can require a lot of digging and this can destroy the landscaping. It may be possible to remove small stumps with a backhoe or similar piece of heavy equipment, but the lawn will still require some repairs such as filling in the soil and placing grass over the spot. This is one reason that professional Stump Removal is usually done by grinding it away.

Stump grinders are very effective tools that quickly chip away at the wood. In fact, the use of a stump grinder is actually quicker than most other removal methods. Plus, the stump grinding tool can eliminate any exposed roots so the lawn becomes smoother and easy to cut. This protects that expensive lawn equipment from damage and reduces the chance of accidents from flying debris.

Another reason to consider the removal of any tree stumps is termites. Termites consume cellulose and an old stump is the perfect food source for them. However, a colony of termites living in a stump could easily move to a house or other building when it is time for them to swarm. Termites are a major issue for property owners because of the damage they are capable of and prevention is the best way of avoiding them. Learn more about removing tree stumps from the experts at Jose Martinez Tree Service Inc. You can also connect them on Facebook.

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