Doing An Effective Squirrel Removal In Columbus OH

by | Feb 8, 2018 | Pest Control

When there is a discovery that squirrels are harbored in the attic of a home, it will be necessary to get them to vacate, so damage to the area is not sustained. Most people will call a service that provides squirrel removal in Columbus OH to ensure these pests are eliminated in their entirety. After a squirrel removal process is conducted, steps will need to be taken, so they do not get inside of a home again. Here are some tips to consider.

Take Away Attractions To Keep Squirrels From Congregating

It is a good idea to avoid feeling birds on the property where squirrels were a prior problem. Since squirrels tend to steal bird food, they will stick around the area in an attempt to get a meal. Cover any water sources, so squirrels do not have an easy way to get moisture when it is needed as well.

Keep Limbs And Shrubbery Trim On A Routine Basis

It is important to do landscaping maintenance so any nearby trees or shrubs are not scraping against the siding of the home. This will make it harder for squirrels to gain access to the rooftop area, making it less likely that they will be able to get into the attic as well. This will also help to keep the home’s exterior free of debris, making it less attractive to pests.

Make Sure The Attic Is Secure Against Intrusions

After a service removes squirrels from home, it is important to find out where they had been getting inside of the structure. Any voids found will need to be sealed off so they are not used as entryways to the interior again in the future. This can be done will expandable foam or pieces of steel wool. The voids can then be covered with new pieces of siding.

When there is a need to hire a service to do an effective Squirrel removal in Columbus OH, finding one with plenty of experience with the habits of these creatures is necessary. Check us out online today to find out more about the methods used and to schedule an appointment for removal.

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