Calendula Seeds Produce Beautiful Flowering Plants That Are Easy to Grow

by | Mar 18, 2015 | Plants and Trees

Here, at Eden Brothers, we like calendula seeds as they produce plants that can be added to an herb garden or sown among such blossoms as sunflowers, French marigolds, zinnias and red corn poppies. The flowers that are showcased typically range in yellow and orange hues with some of the plant’s blooms exhibiting light pinkish or sunset tones.

The Geisha Girl Annual

One of our new calendula seeds is the “Geisha Girl” – a beautiful blooming annual that displays deep orange tones. Also known as pot marigold, calendula blooms always seem to convey a sunny disposition – maybe because the plants are also known for their ability to detract pests.

A Healing Type of Plant

When included in a herb garden, calendula seeds grow into plants that can be used with other plants for healing purposes or made into an oil that is used as a remedy for healing burns, bruises, cuts and sores. The oil from the plant repairs skin cells and provides anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties.

Petals from this vivacious plant were used to promote wound healing during the Civil War. The oil from the plants of calendula seeds have also been infused in recipes for ointment and salves for diaper rash.

Calendula seeds produce plants that take to well-drained soils and remain bushy if they are pinched back occasionally. The beautiful petals of the plant contain the oil that is used for medicinal healing. Therefore, you can use the oil extracted from the calendula flower for making healing products such as salves.

Harvesting Calendula Flowers

You can also eventually dry the petals from the plants that are produced from seeds of the canlendula. Harvest the newly opened bloom by pinching each flower head from the stem. Choose a sunny and dry day for the activity in in order to preserve the resins.

Flowers can be dried in full or the petals can be dried individually. Just make sure that the petals do not touch to prevent fading. Again, petals are filled sticky resins. Therefore, it is important that they are totally dried before they are stored.

New Calendula Seed Offerings

Here at, we offer a number of new offerings of calendula seeds. The varieties include:

1. (Dwarf) Golden Gem;
2. Kablouna Mix
3. (Dwarf) Fiesta Gitna
4. (Dwarf) Gem Mix
5. Sunset Bluff

The aforementioned Geisha Girl annual is one of our new offerings too. If you are looking for flowers to plant, then we can confidently say, here at Eden Brothers, that the calendula is both a practical and lovely plant. Not only can the seeds produce flowers that can be used with herbals as remedies, the petals themselves can be dried and included in a sachets or potpourri. Go online and check out our wide variety of seeds at website now.

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