Advice Of Tree Arborists Portland

by | Apr 3, 2013 | Plants and Trees

When either planning your landscape or making decisions to modify an existing landscape, consulting with one of the tree Arborists Portland is a excellent plan. An arborist knows all about trees. They are able to advise on the care of your existing trees, advise on the removal of a tree or trees and even recommend a specific type of tree to plant that would be best suited for your individual needs. Spending some time consulting with this specialist will give you insight and valuable information, helping you make the best decisions for your existing and future trees as well as their health and safety matters.

When considering the care of your trees, Arborists Portland can advise the proper trimming that should be done to keep the tree healthy and also aesthetically pleasing. A tree can be the focal point of an elaborate landscape plan and it’s important that it look good and stay strong. An arborist can make certain that this happens. Recommendations for trimming to protect the limbs from wind and storm damage are important. Following the arborist’s recommendation, the tree can be trimmed a certain way to allow the wind to blow through and lessen the chances of tree damage. Most people hate to remove trees if not necessary. By consulting this expert prior to tree removal, you’ll know that it was the best choice to make by removing a tree. Whether it was diseased or an invasive species that needs to be controlled, the arborist will give you advice you can trust to make the right choice.

There are many types of trees to choose from. Most of us tend to stick to a few basic species when planting a new tree. Consulting with Arborists Portland before making that choice may allow you to consider a different tree, something that is perfect for your needs, but something not common, you would not have picked on your own. An arborist can recommend a tree that is the right height for your location, flowering or non flowering, root system considerations to avoid, foundation or drain field problems and even common insects and diseases to be wary of with specific trees. Consulting with Arborists Portland is the perfect way to make the best tree choice for you!

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