Beautify Your Bathroom with New Sink Fixtures

by | Dec 27, 2013 | Plumbing

It may not seem like bathroom fixtures are important beyond their functionality. However, a beautiful sink fixture tends to be the focus of an attractive bathroom. Bathroom sink fixtures come in many styles that range from traditional to contemporary. A bathroom consists of the personal taste of a home owner. This taste is reflected in many aspects, especially those of a bathroom.

Determine the Space Available

Before any bathroom sink or fixture installation can begin, the amount of space available needs to be determined. Different styles of sinks offer a variety of choices so a small bathroom will not become too crowded and larger bathrooms house the utmost in bathroom sink fixture style. Wall-mounted sinks are perfect for smaller spaces and utilize very little room. This tends to help free up room in tight quarters. When it comes to choosing a trendy sink, the pedestal sink is a good choice. They have a Colonial feel to them with a wall mounted sink that rests on a pedestal. This type of sink is also a space saver since it does not have a vanity beneath it that takes up more space.

Sink Decorating Style

The ambience of a decorating style can be accentuated by a bathroom sink. Over time the use of a bathroom has evolved to become a place where people can escape from the world. Where children are concerned, the bathroom becomes a place where they learn about brushing their teeth and washing their hands. No matter the actual use for the bathroom, decorating it with a new sink requires choosing the design, style, height, width, size and depth to create the perfect fit.

Bathroom Sink Styles

  • Wall Mount
  • Pedestal
  • Under Counter
  • Cast Iron
  • Vessel Sinks
  • Counter Top
  • Wall Hung
  • Above Counter
  • Integrated
  • Free Standing
  • Self-Rimming

Bathroom Sink Handles

Once the bathroom sink has been chosen, the next fixture that requires attention is the type of handles. The handles need to match the type of faucet and sink so the overall functionality is good. This requires considering the type of sink installed, and the size and the style of new handles. All of it needs to be compatible to ensure proper installation and usage. Many handle types can change the overall look and feel of a bathroom sink and lend a modern appeal to it.


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