Drain Cleaning Services Clear Away Hair and Lint Clogs

by | Jun 17, 2022 | Plumbing and Plumbers

When shower, bathtub and bathroom sink drains become clogged, hair is usually the main culprit. This can also happen with a kitchen sink if someone regularly washes hair in it. The problem can become bad enough that a household resident must call a St Louis drain cleaning specialist for assistance.

Strainers Aren’t Perfect

Strainers are useful, but they typically don’t catch every hair strand. Some individuals have fine hair that is thin enough to escape the strainer. Very short hair also can get through the holes. Lint is another problem. Tiny pieces of fabric shed from socks and clothing and stick to skin.

Bathroom Sink Debris

In addition, many people only put strainers in the shower and tub, but not in the sinks except for hair washing. They don’t realize how much debris can be washed down those drains over time. The help of a St Louis drain cleaning service may be required. The plumber breaks up the blockage with a snake or dismantles the underlying pipe to remove the clog manually.

The Problem With Drain Cleaning Products

Households sometimes try eliminating clogs with caustic drain cleaners, but there are disadvantages to this method. The main problem is that the chemicals don’t eradicate the entire blockage. Instead, the chemicals dissolve enough of the obstruction so that water flows fairly smoothly. The debris left behind will continue accumulating hair and lint until the drain quits working again.

Unless someone in the household owns the specialized tools needed for this project and is skilled with using them, it’s best to call a plumber for service. Visit Classic Aire Care for further details on one plumbing company can be viewed

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