Adirondack Chairs: From Wood To Poly Wood

by | Sep 19, 2014 | Home and Garden

Adirondack chairs are very much a part of the cottage experience. They find themselves onto the porches and decks of many homes across North America. In Canada, they reflect the association of the furniture with the rustic outdoors life by referring to them as Muskoka Chairs. Yet, these simple comfortable items are a product of the United States. Their origins a reflection of the same commitment to quality that is noted in today’s Breesesta Poly Adirondack Chairs.


Adirondack chairs originated in the early 20th century. In 1903, one summer, while staying at his summer home in Westport on Lake Champlain in New York State, Thomas Lee decided to design some furniture that he relax comfortably in outside. He wanted durable, rustic and relaxing. He set to work and created a few prototypes. These featured high backs, wide armrests and were made from eleven pieces of wood.

A friend and carpenter who lived in town, but was struck by the chairs and either with Lee’s encouragement or on his own suggestion, decided to build the chairs as part of a way of making money during the winter. This was Harry Bunnell. He took the design home and began constructing them. To his surprise, the Westport residents who saw them wanted them.  He quickly realized the commercial potential and, without consulting Lee, first, went ahead and registered a patent in 1905.

For the next 20 years, he toiled away producing chairs he called the Westport Plank Chair. The preferred colors were green and brown. This was not to remain. As the years passed, even the name was to change.

The Adirondack Chair Is Born

The Lee-Bunnell Chair was soon to appear on lawns and porches across the Adirondacks. Over the years, in line with the tinkering and reinterpretation of the original concept, the name changed. Across North America, it became known as the Adirondack Chair, recognizing its birthplace and principle residence, if not its founders or creators.

The Shift to Poly Lumber

Also referred to as Poly Wood, this form of material is chemically known as Polyethylene (HDPE). It is not wood at all but a plastic composite. Although it has been used in the past couple of decades, it has only recently surfaced as a popular material from which to manufacture outdoor patio or lawn furniture such as the Breezesta Poly Adirondack chairs.  In part because of its recyclable nature and ability to absorb and retain its colors and condition no matter what the weather, it still works to maintain the reputation of the original rustic, comfortable and even elegant original Adirondack chair.

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