AAAnd We Got A Runner!

by | May 20, 2019 | Fence Contractor

Few pet parents bring home a puppy who grows into a runaway dog. However, the lure of perfect freedom is difficult for some dogs to ignore. These pet owners need a fence company Rockville MD product to deter such adventuresome urges.

Environmental Adventures

When the suburbs grew too far for comfortable commuting, homeowners sought property closer to cities. This often meant traffic whizzing past their new homes. Not all drivers slow down or even stop for dogs seeking adventure outside their homes.

Other misadventures for dogs include runoff into streams containing toxic substances meant to control or kill pests. Dogs drink from these streams. They’re still hunters, so they chase and eat such pests as rodents. They become ill from ingesting toxins.

The Right Fence

Decorative fences add value to a house. They’re pretty, and they add curb appeal. However, they don’t keep your adventuresome dog inside the property. Dogs are determined to dig under or leap over pretty fences. The lure of freedom is too strong.

These pet parents need a deer fence. It’s too high to leap over, so animals can’t get in to destroy your property. If the fence company Rockville MD is aware of the problem, they will install a fence she can’t dig under.

Pet parents can train their dog not to escape. Adding secure fencing gives the dog a safe place to play in addition to preventing the lure of freedom from biting her. She can watch through the fence as the traffic whizzes past, watch squirrels play on the fence, and answer as other dogs talk to her. All while safely being contained.

Capital Fence has 25 years’ experience in runners. You’ll have quality fencing at a good price. You’ll have years of peace of mind into the bargain.

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