5 Ways to Maintain Hardwood Floors in Tribeca

by | Nov 22, 2016 | Flooring

Hardwood floors are built for durability, but they can become damaged just like tile or carpet. In fact, heavy traffic can change their beautiful appearance. Here, homeowners can get some tips on maintaining the beauty of their hardwood floors.

Clean Spills Right Away

Water can seriously damage hardwood floors. Moisture will not only warp the wood, but it can also ruin its finish. Be sure to wipe spills immediately, and if there are houseplants, put trays under them to catch any leaks. Additionally, close the windows during rainstorms.

Vacuum Once Per Week

Just like carpeting, hardwood floors should be vacuumed on a regular basis. Hardwood floors in Tribeca collect a substantial amount of dirt, which can slowly take away the finish. Some vacuums can scratch the floors, which is why it is best to use a microfiber sweeper or a dust mop.

Use Refinishers and Waxes Properly

If the floor has a waxy finish, adding another coat of wax can restore its luster. However, homeowners should know not to use wax on surface finishes such as shellac, polyurethane or varnish. Wax can interfere with these finishes, and it can make the floors dangerously slippery.

Use Throw Rugs

Rugs add personality to the home, but they serve an important purpose as well. Throw rugs can be used to protect the flooring in highly trafficked areas such as the entryway and the kitchen. It’s best to use a long doormat at the front door, as this is one of the highest traffic areas in the entire home. With a proper doormat, visitors can rub the moisture and dirt from their shoes before it gets on the floor.

Strip Away Residue With a Non-Wax Cleaner for Wood Floors

Non-wax floor cleaners are great for dirt buildup and spills. Dirt and liquids can seriously damage hardwood floors if left unattended. As soon as an issue arises, grab the cleaner, wipe the spill, and enjoy a like-new finish.

If homeowners still have questions on maintaining their Hardwood Floors in Tribeca, they should consult the pros at New York Wood Flooring. Or, if it’s time to replace old, worn floors, the team can help the homeowner find the right materials for their budget and their tastes. With the tips above and some expert advice, any home can have beautiful hardwood floors.

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