3 Ways That a House Cleaning Service Can Save Your Marriage

by | Aug 2, 2017 | Cleaning

Although feminism has transformed modern marriage, studies show that women still do the lion’s share of housework. The reason behind this is unclear, but the fact is that arguing over chores can become a huge source of tension. These are 3 of the ways that a home cleaning service can solve this problem and save your marriage.

1. Reduce Arguments

It’s difficult to find someone who has the exact same approach to chores that you do, and the result is that both people end up resenting each other. The cleaner person feels like they do all the work, while the messier person feels as though they’re constantly being nagged.

The idea that housework, the source of so many disagreements, could simply disappear is almost too good to be true. It’s not, though. A house cleaning service accomplishes just that — it takes chores out of the equation entirely.

2. Increase Quality Time

No matter who is doing most of the housework, it takes countless hours each week. This is exponentially truer when children are involved. Cleaning the house from top to bottom takes up a great deal of time that could otherwise be spent enjoying each other’s company.

The result is that couples feel pulled in a million directions, with an ever-present to-do list hanging over each person’s head. A house cleaning service immediately knocks a huge chunk of items off of that list, which frees up time for things like family games and date nights.

3. Less Stress

Some people are naturally messy. Even people who don’t mind a mess, though, tend to feel better when the house is clean. An orderly living space has a psychological effect — it makes your home into a restorative space rather than a hectic one. On a practical level, a clean home makes it easier to get tasks done, sleep peacefully and stay healthy. All of these factors reduce stress.

Anyone who has lashed out at their partner when under severe stress can attest to the fact that stress is a relationship-killer. With less stress, your marriage becomes kinder, more lighthearted, and more loving.

A regular house cleaning service can save your marriage. By reducing stress and arguments, house cleaners allow you to spend time focusing on what really matters: your relationships with your loved ones.

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