Worthwhile Information About Gutter Installation in Charleston SC

by | Mar 17, 2021 | Home Improvement

Gutters are an essential component of a home’s roofing system as they protect it against water damage. Without gutters, excessive water runoff from the roof can result in water in the basement. Water from roof runoff collects around the foundation and seeps into basement walls creating a damp atmosphere perfect for mold and mildew to grow. Water runoff from the roof also causes soil erosion affecting not only the foundation of the home but the plantings near the foundation as well.

Gutter installation in Charleston SC is available in various materials, shapes, and price points to fit all tastes and budgets. Some of which include:

• Half-round -; Just as it sounds, this style is a half-rounded tube typical of those found on historic homes.

• K-Style -; Has a flat back and underside, and the front has a decorative shape that resembles crown molding.

• Integral -; Made from the same material as the roof and flashing, roof-integral gutters blend seamlessly with the home. Gutters made from the masonry are called wall-integral gutters and are the crowning touch to any wall. Box gutters are encased within the roof’s structure. Seamless gutters are made on-site in long sections minimizing the number of joints.

Gutter Installation in Charleston SC are also available in different materials:

• Vinyl -; One of the least expensive options, vinyl is also easy for do-it-yourself to install. It will not rust or rot, but will crack in extremely cold weather.

• Aluminum -; The most widely used material for gutters. Aluminum is rust-proof, lightweight, and easy to install. It can be painted any color or can be purchased in a wide variety of standard colors.

• Steel -; Galvanized steel gutters lasts about 10 years before beginning to rust, whereas stainless steel does not rust. Both galvanized and stainless steel are strong and available in a variety of colors.

• Copper -; Copper will never rust and it develops a lovely patina over time. Copper gutters are not for the do-it-yourself installer, as it requires a level of expertise provided Carolina Gutter Company of SC, LLC due to the welding involved.

By their own design, gutters allow for debris to accumulate which eventually results in clogs. Clogs force water to overflow, soaking the foundation which, in turn, lets water into the basement. Gutter guards are available which function as strainers, also, filter guards, and hinged gutter covers made of plastic or metal, can prevent these problems.

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