Why You Need Insulation Foam In Your Wichita KS Home

by | Apr 3, 2014 | Home Improvement

Having the proper amount of insulation in your home is important to keep your heating and cooling costs down. If your home isn’t insulated very good, you’re spending more more money than you need to. There are many different types of insulation for your home and below you’ll learn more about why you should have Insulation foam Wichita KS area contractors spray it in your home.

Q.) What is spray foam insulation and why do I need it?

A.) Spray foam insulation begins as a liquid form and the contractor will spray it in places where you need this type of insulation. After the foam is sprayed on a surface, it turns into a hard, thick material, which acts as an insulator. Spray foam can be used in place of traditional fiberglass batts and it’s also used in smaller areas and cracks where larger pieces of insulation won’t fit or can’t provide adequate insulation. These may include around windows, doors and holes drilled in the walls during new home construction.

Q.) What are the benefits of using foam insulation in my home?

A.) In addition to its excellent insulation properties, foam insulation has other benefits as well. When you use pray foam in your home, this can drastically cut down pollen and dust from entering your home. When all of the crevices are filled with spray foam, even the tiniest particles cannot get through this thick insulation barrier. It also keeps moisture out of your home, which can cause mold to start growing. Once foam insulation is applied, it’s there to stay. It won’t droop, sag or fall down, so it will always be insulating your home. Spray foam is sturdy once it dries and this helps to strengthen the structure of your house. Foam also insulates your house from outside and room to room noise, so your home will be quieter inside.

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