Why Surface Preparation is Important Before Application of Roof Coating in Tucson

by | Jan 7, 2015 | Roofing

If you are about to undertake a roof restoration process, it is important that you prepare the surface to reap all the benefits that come with your restored roof. With proper roof surface preparation, you can prevent a host of problems from occurring in the future. Open seams, blisters, and cracks are some of the deficiencies that should be fixed before you applying a new coating. Some of the reasons why you require preparing your roof’s surface before the Roof Coating Tucson are listed below.

It is always important that you certify that the surface is dry. Infrared technology will help you locate some of the wetness that would make the membrane surface deteriorate if you apply the coatings. Once you or the workers eliminate the moisture on the surface, it is the right time to begin preparing the surface and then apply the coating.

It is essential that proper approaches be made when it comes to preparing the surface to be coated. Typically, the preparation will depend mostly on the current condition of the roof. Other steps will involve sweeping, repairing seams and priming the whole surface.

If you would like the coating to adhere properly, be sure to leave it clean and dry. Otherwise, after a few days, the coating will separate from the surface of the roof rendering your roof coating project unsuccessful.

In multi-coat applications, professionals of Roof Coating Tucson will always recommend the use of primer for the best results. The base coat should be installed in the recommended film thickness as well as the top layer. This will help prevent some of the irregularities that come about.

During times when the humidity is low in the atmosphere, the coatings will dry fast. However, when precipitation is high, it is not the right time to install the coating due to possible run-offs.

Lastly, if you would like to apply Roof Coating Tucson efficiently, you will need to have the right tools including rollers, high-pressure airless sprays, and brushes. You would also save yourself lots of time and effort if you contact Ralph Hays Roofing Tucson. The company employs skilled workers that provide professional services residential and commercial clients in the city and its outskirts. Click here for more information.

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