Which Shades Stamford Are Best For Your Room?

by | Jun 11, 2013 | Home Improvement

When you want to change the look or the feel of a room adding a different window treatment can make the change with a minimal amount of effort. Shades in Stamford can also make your space more energy efficient. Most people can change out their shades by themselves so the work can be done in a day.

There are many different options when it comes to blinds. One of the most common forms of window shade comes from a roller shade. This type of shade has been around for more than 100 years and comes in a variety of materials. Pricing can vary depending on the fabric that you purchase. Generally the roller shade will fit inside the window casing. It attaches by installing directly to the casing itself with light hardware on the side of the shade hardware. It works by pulling the bottom of the material to extend the shade. When you want to raise it, you pull on the roll until the tension releases and allow the shade to roll back up. This type of shade can sometimes be noisy when opened and closed and may not be the best fit for your room. Another disadvantage is that these types of shades are light filtering and not light blocking. Some light will always shine through these shades.

If you want to block light, either to make the room more comfortable or because you want to reduce your energy cost then Roman shades may be best for you. These shades operate with a drawstring and can be hung inside or outside of the window frame. These shades also come in a variety of fabrics and materials from cloth to bamboo. Because of their design they are typically more light blocking than a roller shade but they are still not the most efficient.

While it does not fall into the same category as other Shades Stamford, a window film may be your best way to totally block out light. It comes in a variety of colors and patterns and can totally darken a room once applied. This film can be difficult to remove when you want to change the light allowance but some are attached with static and can be easier to manipulate. Consider whether you want to be able to change your window treatment and consult with Dominic’s Decorating Inc when you are ready to decide which shade is best for you. Click here for more information.


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