When to Look for Jacuzzi Repair Service Norfolk

by | Jun 3, 2014 | Home Improvement

Jacuzzis are not only luxurious but also play a vital role in providing a calming effect on the body. Their water jets coupled with the warm water that they provide soothes and cleanses the skin leaving it supple and healthy. However, using them is not a ride in the park like many people think. There are several difficulties that you are bound to face from time to time. Some of them are easy DIY tasks while others may require that you look for Jacuzzi repair service Norfolk. Below are common issues that you are likely to experience with your Jacuzzi.

Low water jet pressure is one of the problems that you may encounter with the Jacuzzi. This is usually caused by presence of air bubbles in the unit’s pumping mechanism. In many cases, the air gets into the unit during routine maintenance tasks like draining the Jacuzzi. You can easily handle this problem by loosening the discharge line coupling and turning the pump on for all the air to escape. Many people have also encountered the problem of erratic jets. Normally, this is usually as a result of dirty filters. Therefore, you need to have them cleaned or changed for the water jets to function normally. However, you need to look for Jacuzzi repair service Norfolk if changing filters does not work.

Presence of small hard particles in the tub usually symbolizes bacterial growth in the Jacuzzi’s pump or other parts of the unit. Although this growth may not be harmful, you need to sanitize the Jacuzzi to eliminate it. Flushing it using a chlorine bleach is effective in eradicating the growth. Another common problem for many Jacuzzi owners is water leakage. Improper water chemistry usually causes leakages from lines and jets. Therefore, you need to check on the water PH levels which normally causes failure of glues and silicone. You can also examine the unit for any other faulty components that may cause the leaks. Pressure switches and valves are also common areas where leaks may occur. Whether you need a new Jacuzzi or repair services for the current one, professionals such as East Coast Leisure will never fail you. Like us on Facebook!





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