When to Consider Mold Remediation Services in Ashburn, VA

by | Feb 19, 2018 | Pest Control

Mold grows quickly and spreads easily. Without proper removal, many homes would be taken over by mold, causing a slew of health problems for the people who live there. Mold Remediation Services in Ashburn VA come in handy when the mold is growing. It’s just a matter of knowing when to call and when to handle the job alone.

Water Damage

If the home has received water damage from a natural flood or simple pipe leak, a professional team should get called in to handle the job. Water damage is one of the most common reasons for mold growing and spreading. It needs to be dealt with promptly so mold does not have the chance to grow and take over the premises. Mold Remediation Services in Ashburn VA include finding the source of the mold, as some may be growing inside the walls and feeding on wood.

Health Problems

Whenever health problems are noticed, it is best to quickly determine the cause. Anyone experiencing trouble breathing, constant sniffling, or dizziness should have their home searched for mold. These are just a few of the symptoms that can occur, with much more serious side effects coming if the mold remains. Bleeding lungs, arthritis, and even mental deficiencies can occur due to the toxins from some mold versions. Browse website for more information.


Mold can give off a serious smell. The more mold that is in the area, the stronger the smell may be. If a resident walks into a room and it smells different than usual, perhaps more musty, they should look for the presence of mold. If the smell persists and no mold is seen, a professional should be called in to check for mold. The mold could be growing inside the walls where it isn’t noticeable.

Mold Remediation Services should be considered when a serious problem arises. Homeowners can attempt to remove small spots of mold themselves, such as using a mold cleaner spray on the bathroom ceiling. With health problems starting and water damage already present, however, it is a far better option to let the professionals handle it. Pest Management Services in Ashburn VA can handle mold remediation along with pest control. Call on them when in need.

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