What’s Hot in Bathroom Remodels?

by | Jan 29, 2021 | Home Improvement

If home is where the heart is, then your home’s bathroom might just be the most important chamber. How we love our bathrooms — and today’s remodeling trends reveal just how much. Jacksonville, FL homeowners planning to spiff up their powder rooms may want to take note of some of the latest design trends. Six of the most popular follow:

1. Green design. Undoubtedly, today’s hottest remodeling trend — the use of renewable, earth-friendly materials — is only going to increase in popularity. Eco-conscious bathroom remodeling in Jacksonville, FL also incorporates plumbing and energy-saving devices to cut down on waste. For the environmentally-minded, green bathrooms top the list.

2. Luxury. Sure, many Jacksonville, FL homeowners would love to have a bathroom resembling one from Trump Towers. But even more modest budgets are looking for ways to turn the bathroom into a comfortable, de-stressing zone. Some of the design trends include heated floors, outsized showers with glass walls, and steaming devices that turn a powder room into a spa without the need to run water.

3. Light and air. Cramped, dark water closets are a thing of the past, as natural light in the bathroom is an increasingly popular trend. Bathroom remodeling in Jacksonville, FL often adds windows and skylights to let the sun in and creating additional floor space through creative, space-saving storage solutions and in-wall faucets.

4. His and hers. Dual sinks and mirrors aren’t just a passing fad; they’re sure to become a mainstay for master bathroom remodeling in Jacksonville, FL. For sure, when it comes to the most intimate places, men and women have vastly different needs. The growing popularity of dual vanities acknowledges and celebrates that distinction.

5. Deep, often free-standing baths. If you can fit a big old-fashioned bathtub into your space, then you’ll find no shortage of possibilities. Deep, soaking bathtubs are part of the washroom-as-mini-spa trend that’s on the rise.

When it comes to bathroom remodeling, Jacksonville, FL homeowners have no shortage of possibilities nowadays. Considering how much time you spend in this most private of spaces, it makes a certain amount of sense to turn it into a sanctuary in which the stress of modern living washes away in a flood of comfort.

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