What to Look for When Comparing Roofing Contractors in Hendersonville

by | Jun 1, 2013 | Roofing

Even the most die-hard DIY homeowners will rarely try to repair their own roofs. It can be dangerous to climb roofs, especially when it may need repair. Modern roofing materials require expert installation, to avoid future problems. It takes professionals to evaluate and repair or replace roofs correctly. But quality can vary among roofers, so, when choosing roofing contractors Hendersonville homeowners should make sure they hire only high quality workmen.

Reputable roofers have certain qualities in common. When comparing roofing contractors Hendersonville residents should check for the following:

INSURANCE: Before roofers even get on the roof to do an estimate, customers should ask if the business has a Certificate of Insurance. If they do not have one, homeowners can be held liable for any injuries workers sustain while working on the home.

ESTIMATE AND GUARANTEE: When a contractor comes to your home, they should do a thorough inspection, and then explain whether you need roof repairs or replacement. Good contractors will be able to explain why roofs need replacing and offer a choice of roofing materials. When comparing roofing contractors Hendersonville homeowners should only consider those who fully explain the processes they use and guarantee work and materials.

TRAINING AND EXPERIENCE: Modern roofing materials come in a wide variety of materials, and each has to be installed correctly, to prevent future problems. Before hiring residential roofing contractors Hendersonville residents would be wise to ensure that installers have been factory trained to work with materials. Ask how many years each technician has been in the business, and ensure that they have years of experience.

REPUTATION AND TIME IN THE COMMUNITY: Hire a contractor that has been operating in the community for many years, and has a good reputation. This makes it more likely that they will be around in the future, to honor their guarantee. The best companies will offer to show customers examples of past work, in order to showcase the quality, and also help customers choose a roof style.

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