What To Know About Pest Control for Hillsboro

by | Jan 29, 2013 | Pest Control

There are a number of different types of pest common to the Hillsboro area In addressing pest control for Hillsboro we will address some of those seen most frequently.

Pest Control for Hillsboro- Tackling Ants

First thing to do to get rid of ants is to keep the home clean and dry. Ants will trickle in to mark their trail. Then the other ants follow. However, they will not find food or water if you’re cleaning the counters, cabinets and floors. Now we know that you don’t have the time daily to do all this cleaning. That’s why the ants get in. Typically through cabinets. They come in by groves and take over. Then you’ve got ant colonies. It can be overpowering. Just when you think you’ve solved the ant problem, here comes another big sign of them. Because you cannot clean your cabinets every day, ants will find food and water once they enter through. Now, we are not saying cabinets are the only way ants come in, it’s just that inside of cabinets do not get cleaned as often as counters and floors. When it gets to this point, you should hire a professional to come in to get rid of your ant problem.

Pest Control for Hillsboro- Removing Rodents

If you’re not sure if you have rodents in your home, check for droppings around the house. That is the first indicator. Rodents include cockroaches, mice and rats. Other places that rodents will invade is in cabinets, attics, top story’s, lofts, garages and basements, cellars and crawl spaces. Rodents will caused property damage if left untreated. They also spread diseases and pollute food and their sources.

Poisons and exclusions are methods of removing rodents. Habitat modification and trappings are also available and easier to control the problem of these problem critters. There are many choices to consider in order to remove these rodents. You can install traps near any place that you think they may be coming in. Again, rodent droppings are the best method for finding places they may be getting in at.

Pest Control for Hillsboro- Getting Rid of Squirrels

Sounds such as scratching and scurrying in your walls and ceilings are a sure tell tale sign that you have squirrels in your home. Unusual noises are another sign of squirrels. These noises will typically be early morning hours (like o-dark-thirty) because they are searching for food. You will need to go outside and check for any holes in your brick or siding. Also, look in your gutters, fireplace to make sure there is some sort of grid so as to let the smoke out, but no critters can get in.

When you need to address pest control in Hillsboro in your home call the professionals who know the area.


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