What to Consider When Choosing a Safe

by | Jun 13, 2017 | Doors And Windows

You want to keep your valuable heirlooms, paperwork, or cash safe, so you’ve decided to buy a safe. That’s a wise decision if you want to protect your goods, but the safes are more complicated than a box with a lock on it. Here are some things for you to consider when choosing a safe.


What do you intend to store? If you’re storing firearms, look for a specific gun safe over a normal safe. If you’re storing cash or paperwork, a basic safe is probably fine to protect from burglary. Consider getting a safe with extra room so in years to come you have space to add new valuables.

Fire Protection

Do you want your items protected from fire as well as theft? Some safes aren’t rated for protection against fire. When looking at ratings, again consider your contents. Items like guns are okay with a lesser fire rating because they can withstand higher temperatures. Items like flash drives and other electronics need a safe rated for a temperature and moisture content at which they aren’t damaged.


Despite not being able to open safes in a home, thieves walk off with them. If you bring home a safe and set it on the floor, there is nothing to stop a burglar from picking it up and walking away. Have a professional locksmith install your safe; they can choose the best location in your home and bolt it to the floor. That way no one can carry it off.


No matter what safe you buy, parts can wear out from common use. Attempted burglary can also damage your safe. Buy a safe from a company that offers safe repair services in Westchester, NY or your city. You’re already putting effort into protecting your valuables from burglary, so why not protect your safe from ruin by choosing a company that properly installs and repairs your safe?

If you need a company offering safe repair services in Westchester, NY, contact Action Lock & Door Company Inc.

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