What the experts know about carpet cleaning

by | Sep 25, 2014 | Home Improvement

The carpeting in your home won’t need the same amount of attention as carpet in a high traffic area open to the public but nevertheless, your carpet will get dirty and need cleaning every year at least once even though you vacuum your carpets regularly. There is no better way to extend the life of any carpet than regular cleaning, not only will the carpet last longer the air quality in the home will be better and there will be fewer allergic reactions.

DIY carpet cleaning damage:

Although professional Minneapolis carpet cleaning is by far the better approach there are some homeowners who, in an effort to save money will either rely on DIY cleaning or alternate between DIY one year and professional cleaning the next. Certainly DIY solutions are cheaper than professional treatments but they are never as good, they also mean that the homeowner has to go through considerable work and use up a lot of valuable time. It is easy for an amateur to damage their carpets by over shampooing or watering and not protecting the carpet from the legs of furniture until after the carpet is completely dry.

Over shampooing can occur when too much shampoo is used or it is not properly rinsed from the carpet. This is bound to occur whenever the homeowner attempts to use a wet method. When a residue of shampoo builds up in the carpet it will be very difficult to get it out even with the best professional equipment, before long the carpet is little more than a dirt magnet.

Over wetting happens when so much water is applied that is actually goes all the way into the backing material used to produce the carpet. If the backing material gets wet it can wick the color into the carpet fibers, some carpets will even shrink and tear themselves loose from the floor. If the backing gets too wet an additional risk is the formation of mold and mildew.

The final hazard that is faced by those who attempt their own Minneapolis carpet cleaning are stains that are caused when furniture is placed on carpet which is still wet. The legs and feet of a lot of furniture have been stained; this stain can easily leave an unsightly mark if it comes into contact with a wet carpet. Even furniture which has metal glides can be problematic as the metal can rust, leaving a stain on the carpet which is impossible to get rid of.

With all the possible problems that the homeowner faces if he or she attempts Minneapolis carpet cleaning on their own, it is not surprising that most homeowners opt for using professionals. You are welcome to Contact Steamatic of the Twin Cities to ensure that your carpets are in the hands of the best.

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