Ways To Save On Heating Oil

by | Apr 18, 2013 | Heating and Air Conditioning

Homeowners use a variety of different methods to heat their homes during the cold.  While many homeowners use furnaces, still many others across the country continue to use heating oil in Middletown CT.  Heating oil is very commonly used in the northeastern section of the United States, since there is a large supply of oil originating just across the border in Canada.  Yet heating oil, like many other forms of energy, can become expensive.  Here are some tips you can follow to help you save on energy costs.

First, shop around for suppliers of heating oil every year.  Just because you may have found the most economical provider the year before, doesn’t mean they’ll continue to remain the cheapest this year.  It pays to spend some time shopping around for heating oil providers in your area and comparing their rates.  If you happen to find another provider whose rates are better than your current provider, it might benefit you to let your current provider know so you can give them the opportunity to price match.  If they do price match, you’ll save yourself the trouble of switching providers and still get the better rate.

Another interesting way to save on heating oil in Middletown CT is to join a co-op.  Co-ops are a fantastic way to save money.  You join with other co-op members to receive extra discounted rates.  You usually only have to spend a very minimal fee of $20-35 to join the co-op to benefit from the discounted rates.  This one-time fee is definitely worthwhile if you can save up to twenty percent on energy costs.

When you choose a provider of heating oil in Middletown CT, don’t hesitate to ask about any and all discounts they may provide.  Many shops offer military discounts and senior discounts, and there are often many others that you are not aware of but qualify for.

One way that companies like to get consumers are through fees, so make sure you educate yourself about any fees you might be charged from delivery fees to surcharges if they have to deliver on weekends, holidays, or during inclement weather.  Knowing up front what you’re in for could help you determine the best provider for you.  While one provider’s rate might be slightly increased from another, they still might end up being cheaper for you to use because they don’t employ a lot of hidden fees.

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