Waterproof Deck Coatings – How To Select The Appropriate Coating

by | Jun 3, 2014 | Roofing

Americanrestore.com logoAfter your deck has been installed, it will need to be protected from scratches, moisture and from the harsh rays of the sun. You can achieve this by using waterproof deck coatings. Waterproofing your deck protects it from warping, discoloration, wind, rain as well as splits from the sun. It is very expensive to repair and rebuild your existing deck; also applying a waterproof coat will help to prolong the useful life of your deck. Applying just one coat might not be sufficient, for the reason that regular use of the deck as well as the sun will undermine the coating. It is essential that you first prepare the deck before applying the waterproof deck coating. In actual fact, preparing your deck or refinishing it, is as essential, if not more essential as coating the deck.

Without appropriate examination as well as refinishing, the coating might fail and ultimately cause your deck to fail. If some parts of the deck are broken or rotting, they should be replaced and the initial coating should be removed. To ensure that the fresh coats will stick properly, the whole deck should be sanded down. If your deck is varnished or painted, you can utilize a paint stripper to remove those layers. The entire deck should appear like it was recently installed. Selecting the right kind of waterproof deck coatings may appear like a tough choice, however if you know the conditions that your deck will be exposed to on a regular basis and the amount of maintenance you desire, then your choices will be fewer.

One of the options you have is vinyl coating. It is a bulky piece of material which is utilized to cover the deck, and previously, squares were placed down one at a time. Today, the majority of contractors will place down a piece to cover the deck and the vinyl will be cut to size till it covers a bit at the bottom. Vinyl coating requires very little maintenance, however it needs to be washed and conditioned using a special vinyl cleanser. Another option is urethane, which is one of the finest deck coatings available. However it is extremely weak and requires a great deal of attention. The urethane will scrape off, leaving exposed areas, after barbeques and kids playing on the deck.

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