Warning Signs That You Need Heat Pumps Service in Clinton

by | Mar 1, 2013 | Heating and Air Conditioning

If your choice of heating and cooling is a heat pump, you will know that these systems require regular maintenance. By devoting a few hours of your time every couple of months you can sidestep potential problems and save money on energy bills. Most people don’t know what the warning signs of a problem are and will therefore forget to contact professionals to perform heat pumps service in Clinton. With heat pumps service you can make your heat pump function to the maximum of its ability at all times. Here are some signs that you need heat pumps service in Clinton to control the temperature in your home.

Heat Pump Not Running

When nothing is running at all, you know you have a problem. Heat pumps are built to last and if yours does not seem to be functioning, there could be a problem with the circuit breakers or power switches. Troubleshoot this before you contact a heat pumps service in Clinton by inspecting the circuit breakers. Even if it looks like they are on it is possible that they may have tripped. To rectify this problem you can reset the breakers and wait for five minutes. If there is still no power coming from your heat pump you should find out if the power switch has been turned off. A service call will be required if the heat pump continues to malfunction.

Noises Coming From Unit

Does your unit appear to be making an odd noise? Is it normally very quiet but has recently started vibrating, banging and clanging? If so, take a close look at the indoor unit and check if the blower fan is coming into close contact with something. It is important that you turn the heat pump off if it is, because this could be hazardous if left to run. A cracked fan blade may be the cause if the sound is coming from the exterior unit. Remember that heat pumps do tend to make pressure relief noises and buzzing sounds are completely normal.

Icy or Steamy Pump

If you constantly find yourself clearing ice off the heat pump, it is clear that something is wrong with the defrost cycle. When the defrost cycle works properly it will melt ice but if the ice on your device gets thicker every time you look, your only option is to get heat pumps service in Clinton. You may also need help if steam is rising from the pump.

An experienced heating and cooling technician will be able to find the cause of the problem of your heat pumps and you can hire help from Beschecompany.com



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