Valuable Factors to Consider When Buying Window Treatments in Brooklyn, NY

by | May 24, 2024 | Furniture

Window treatments are an essential part of residential and commercial interior design. Choosing the right option is the key to adding personality, flair, and style to any room. Here are valuable factors to consider when buying window treatments in Brooklyn, NY.

The Window Layout

Windows vary in depth, size, and shape, so choosing suitable treatments to fit your window formation can be challenging. With the right measurements and treatment size, you can avoid light gaps and other non-functional issues in your rooms. Professional window treatment services can help you find the best design for your window layout.

Light Control and Privacy

Consider solid window treatments if you prefer light control over consistent brightness in your space. They allow more light in when open and no light when you close them. Other window furnishings, like shades, feature fabric options that enable you to filter the light or darken your space, allowing you to adjust brightness as you see fit.

Consider horizontal tiltable blinds if you prefer privacy. They allow you to see outside your space, but people on the other side cannot see through. These are the perfect treatments for windows that face your neighbor’s yard or the street.

Existing Decor

Pick window treatments that go with the existing decor in your space. Consider colors and textures that match your walls, carpet or flooring, and furniture. Additional designs, such as shine and pattern, can also enhance your overall style.

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