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by | Dec 6, 2016 | Carpet Cleaning Service

When someone purchases new carpeting for their home, they will most likely be excited to show it off to others. It is important to take the necessary steps in maintaining the carpeting so it remains looking its best for years to come. Failing to follow these steps can lead to the premature deterioration of carpeting. Here are some steps one should take to make sure their carpet looks like new for as long as possible.

Protect Carpeting From Moisture

It is a good idea to ask those coming into the home to remove their shoes if inclement weather is present outdoors. This way, mud will remain on the shoes in an area away from the carpeting. Place an area rug near the entryway to the home so guests can place their footwear in a safe area for retrieval at the end of their visit. Another idea is to use area rugs on high-traffic areas. This way people will walk upon the rugs instead of the carpeting itself.

Remove Debris Regularly

New carpeting should be vacuumed frequently to remove any dust and dirt from the surface so it doesn’t have a chance to get embedding inside of the material. Make sure the wheels and undercarriage of the vacuum cleaner are wiped down before use so there is no worry of dirt being spread on the carpeting during the process.

Handle Stains Right Away

It is necessary to remove staining agents from carpeting promptly. One way to avoid staining from happening is to prohibit drinking or eating in rooms where carpeting is present. If an agent does happen to spill on the carpeting, it will need to be blotted with a piece of clean cloth to help remove moisture. When doing this, blot from the outer edges to the middle portion so the agent is not smeared across the carpeting. If there is discoloration present, spray with vinegar and blot again. If this does not work, a Local Carpet Cleaner Company near Fort Wayne IN may be necessary.

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