Types of Air Conditioning for Stockbridge

by | May 13, 2013 | Heating and Air Conditioning

No matter what size room or building you have or what climate you are in, there are air conditioners specially made for every need. Air Conditioning Stockbridge comes in three basic forms: window or through wall, evaporative coolers, and central air conditioning.

Window or through wall Air Conditioning Stockbridge are smaller units designed to cool a single room. As the name suggests, they are either installed by fixing them onto the ledge of the window or by cutting a hole into the wall. Hot air is pumped out through the window or wall opening and cool air that has gone through the filter comes straight back into the room. These units can save money if you only want to cool a single room at a time, especially if it is well insulated. They can also provide a backup to other types of air conditioning in a warmer room so that the temperature for the rest of the building does not need to be raised.

Evaporative coolers work well in drier climates. Using less energy than normal air conditioners, their cooling effect comes from evaporating water and increasing the humidity in the air. In order to cool the air, evaporative coolers need warm outside air coming in to evaporate the water and also need additional inside vents so that warm air rises out of the building. These units only work in dry climates, because at a certain point increasing humidity just makes things more miserable.

Central air conditioners consist of a large unit in a central location, usually next to the building or sitting atop the roof. These units work by generating a large amount of cool air and blasting it through ducts to the rest of the building. With expert placement and sizing of the ducts and vents, the cooling should be equal throughout the building. However, certain conditions such as active kitchens or heavy sunlight could make a single room warmer. In recent times, advanced units with multiple thermostats have been used to allow varying temperatures in different rooms by way of turning off the air flow in sections instead of only an option to be either entirely off or entirely on.


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