Tips on Decorating Your Pool Area

by | Jun 16, 2014 | Home Automation, Home Improvement

There is nothing like an awesome deck to finish off your newly built pool. With a little creativity, it can dramatically change the area around it if not the whole backyard. A good-looking deck can define spaces for fun family activities like sunbaking, cooking and dining. Add to that some carefully selected outdoor furniture, and you have a pool deserving of its own page in a magazine.

Before you take the plunge into the world of pool deck designing, read these tips to help get your feet wet, pun absolutely intended.

1. A well placed deck can give a stunning bird’s eye view of your newly constructed pool. To achieve this, you can use stained wooden boards or go completely green and opt for recycled wood plastic composite (WPC) decking. This is a popular alternative preferred by many builders and homeowners because it is safe to use around pool areas and is rot and slip resistant. WPC decking is specially formulated to resist mould and mildew and does not need regular staining or oiling. A great example of this type of decking is Futurewood’s CleverDeck.

2. To add privacy and to turn your pool area into a fun little oasis of greenery, consider adding trees and some potted plants to your landscape. Keep in mind though that not all plants are pool friendly so make sure you get professional advice on this. Another thing that you’d want to remember is that rotting leaves from overhanging trees can leave unsightly stains on your pool floor as well as clog up the filtration system. Lastly, avoid trees with invasive roots. Some native plants suitable for pool areas are Blueberry Ash, Native Fuschia, Waxflower and Burrawang.

3. If you have a big space around your pool, you might want to build a pergola next to it. This is excellent if your neighbours overlook your backyard. If you’d rather have a typical deck around your pool, that can also work. Aside from recycled WPC decking, Futurewood offers eco-friendly fences that are suitable for use in pool areas. These are just as good in providing privacy and are a lot less troublesome to work with compared to wood and they require very little maintenance.

4. Paths leading to pool areas are usually ugly concrete. If you are looking for something a little more appealing, you might want to look at recycled WPC decking tiles. These tiles are very easy to fix, thanks to the locking mechanism that allows them to click together. They are safe to use in homes with small children because they do not need nails to fix them to the concrete surface, which means there are no sharp edges to look out for and they have a non-slip surface.

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