Tips for Organizing a Walk-In Cooler in California in California

by | Mar 3, 2020 | commercial refrigeration

If you’re looking into walk in cooler doors in California, you know how important organizing your cooler space is. Kitchens in commercial spaces have a lot of people going in and out, so it’s very important to make sure that you organize the cooler in a way that makes sense for everyone that will be using it. When organizing your walk-in cooler, think about efficiency and the safety of the food that you’ll be storing. Following are some key tips to keep in mind when organizing your walk-in cooler in California.

Place meat on the lowest shelves.

If you’re going to be storing meat in your cooler, make sure that you place your meat on the lowest shelves. This will help prevent cross-contamination from the juices that drip from the meat onto other items. If meat juices get onto other items like vegetables or fruit, you’ll need to throw them away immediately. Placing these items on the lower shelves help keep your food safe and eliminate waste.

Don’t store food on the floor.

Sometimes, employees may place food on the fridge floor, assuming it’s ok because the food is packaged. This is a health code violation. Make sure that all food is placed on the shelves and none of it is placed on floors. This helps prevent contaminants from the floor from getting into the food.

First In, First Out

When storing your food items, please the items that are the newest and have the most recent sell-by dates in the back of your fridge and the oldest sell-by dates in the front. This helps ensure that you’re using older items first. Make sure the sell-by date is clearly indicated on the package, writing them in marker if necessary.

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