Tips for Getting the Most from Your Sensi WiFi Thermostat

by | Nov 2, 2017 | Heating and Air Conditioning

With the Sensi WiFi thermostat, you can stay up to date with your home’s temperature no matter where you travel. You always have that option to check the temperature at your home and adjust it as you see fit. This opens the door to a lot of potential savings. However, you won’t actually see any of those savings if you don’t learn how to efficiently utilize the Sensi capabilities.

Make Use of the Geofencing

One of the neat features of the Sensi WiFi thermostat is its geofencing capabilities. This causes the thermostat to begin adjusting toward an ideal temperature whenever you’ve entered a certain radius of the home. To fully utilize this feature, you will need to have GPS functionality enabled on your phone. It’s a great way to keep your home comfortable without wasting energy.

Locking Down the Right Temperature

So you’ve spent time finding the perfect temperatures for ideal energy efficiency, but every time you leave for work somebody changes the thermostat. You could keep watching your smartphone app and change it back every time, but there would be no end in sight. Instead, make use of the keypad lockout feature. This feature makes it so that no changes to the temperature can be made from the physical thermostat.

Make Use of the Scheduling

A lot of people like to sleep at a different temperature than they keep the house the rest of the day. However, they may not immediately adjust the thermostat when they awake. Furthermore, after adjusting the temperature, they have to wait for the house to warm up or cool down. The flexible scheduling features of the Sensi WiFi thermostat solve this problem. You can input a custom schedule for every day of the week. That way you can schedule the thermostat to begin adjusting the temperature before you wake up.

Make Use of the Features

The Sensi WiFi thermostat can help improve energy efficiency, but it’s only going to help if you actually take advantage of the many different features. Otherwise, it’s just a normal thermostat. So take the time to learn about each feature and how to best use it.

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