Tips for Finding the Right Custom Shower Enclosure in Santa Clarita CA

by | Feb 1, 2019 | Home Improvement

Whether putting in a new shower or updating an existing shower, choosing the right type of enclosure is a simple process if a few easy tips are followed. The first thing to do is figure out the exact dimensions of the shower space. This is a crucial step because different styles and options will be available within the given space. Measuring the area more than once is a good idea, and having more than one person do the work will also help with accuracy. Another tip is to measure how much space there is between the shower and other fixtures in the bathroom. This will ensure that an enclosure doesn’t encroach on any other areas in the bathroom.

Frameless Doors

One of the most popular styles of shower enclosures that can be found at Palmdale Glass and Mirror Company is the frameless enclosure. This is an enclosure that uses one-half inch or three-eighths inch tempered glass that is sturdy enough to not require a metal frame for support. The frameless design gives a very clean look that has no obstructions. This is also a top choice for a Custom Shower Enclosure in Santa Clarita CA because it can showcase beautiful stone or tile work within a shower.

Framed Doors

One nice thing about the framed shower enclosures is that they tend to cost about half as much as the frameless style. This doesn’t mean, however, that the look of them is only half as nice. There are some great framed options that would work well for a Custom Shower Enclosure in Santa Clarita CA. There are some styles that also have a very modern look, and the frames give the structure some added strength and support. The door within the enclosure can be frameless which still allows for showcasing stone and tile work.

Door Opening Styles

There are three main styles of doors to choose from. The amount of space and the style of the enclosure will really impact the style of door chosen. Sliding doors work really well for bathtubs and narrow spaces. They also work well when there is little space between fixtures. Pivoting doors are the most common or standard type of door, and they add a great look to bathrooms. Measuring for space before this type of door is installed is crucial. The last type is a bi-fold door, but they are rarely used.

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