Three Factors That Will Affect a Shower Installation Cost in Kansas City

by | Dec 4, 2023 | Bathroom Makeover

You’d like to do something new with the bathroom. Part of the plans call for a new shower in the space. Do you know what factors will influence the shower installation cost in Kansas City for this project? Here are three that are sure to apply.

One has to do with the size of the new shower. Are you looking to add a shower to a space that already has a garden tub in one area? Would you prefer to get rid of the tub altogether and install an expansive shower space with multiple shower heads? In general, smaller and simpler showers will be less expensive than larger and more feature-rich showers.

Materials are another aspect that will impact how much the new shower costs. Are you thinking along the lines of traditional shower tiles, or would you like to go with something like marble or polished concrete instead? A contractor can provide ideas on how using different materials would increase or decrease the cost.

Last, features will matter. Are you thinking about an open plan that does not involve shower doors? If you do want doors, will you go with sliding ones, frameless models, or doors that swing outward? The number of shower heads, the types of settings on those heads, and the addition of elements like shaving mirrors at one end will also influence the cost.

Remember that you do have a great deal of control over the shower installation cost in Kansas City. Think about how much you can afford to spend, then talk with a contractor about what you want. While there may be the need to compromise here and there, it’s possible to end up with a new shower that you love and happens to fit easily into your budget.

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