The Right Garden Light Fixtures for Your Project

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Everyone wants their home and garden to be a welcoming and relaxing place for friends and family to congregate. Outdoor lighting can optimize outdoor space and make it versatile all year long. Illuminating a garden with garden light fixtures is an easy way to create an intimate, yet inviting space and also provide enough light for dimly lit areas which create a hazard.

Garden light fixtures are available in many different styles and wattages. Some are solar powered while others are hardwired to the electrical source. Deciding on what you want, will be the most difficult decision because there are so many options.

Lighting a single tree or adding path lighting can be completed fairly quickly. Path lighting can make a tremendous difference in the look and feel of the space. For illuminating a tree try uplighting from below to create a focal point.

Spotlights placed along the front of a home can create soft light to provide general illumination of the home exterior and garden.

Path lights can be staggered around a walkway to create low illumination of walkways or to enhance landscaping elements. Add garden light fixtures that are smaller in size and low to the ground.

When adding outdoor garden light fixtures, it is important to avoid glare, which can ruin an otherwise well-lit scene. Glare is a common problem when the light source is visible. To avoid glare, point the either lower or higher than eye level. Using a combination of different types of lights can help to reduce glare and bring a garden to life after dark.

The best outdoor garden light fixtures will increase curb appeal and add safety to your outdoor areas. A well-lit space will help to prevent unwanted intruders and a bit of home security.

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