The Materials Available For Your Roof

by | Dec 30, 2014 | Roofing

The choice that the homeowner makes for the material used for the roof on his or her home is usually made to accommodate personal taste, however, there are times when the locality and codes may enter into the picture. Local building codes are often used to ensure that the right type of roof is used in a specific area; it would not sit well to use thatched roofs in New York City for example. In co-operation with roofing contractors in Jefferson City, when the roof needs replacing, the materials available have to be well thought through. The elements of cost, fire retarding ability, longevity and wear-ability must all be considered.

Composition shingles:

Asphalt composition shingles are without a doubt the favorite roofing material in the US; this is due to a number of factors; the cost, their ability to retard the spread of fire and their long life expectancy. Many manufacturers of asphalt shingles warrant their product for a minimum of 30 years, in practice, they often last considerably longer.

The days of the three tab shingle are long gone. Modern asphalt shingles that are being applied by roofing contractors in Jefferson City are thicker and have more textured surfaces. They can be supplied to give one the impression that they are something they are not; slate and wood shakes are two examples.

Wood shakes:

Many homeowners dream of having a roof covered in wood shakes. There are good reasons for this; the shakes look better as they age, changing to a variegated, mottled patina. Although wood shakes are organic, they can outlive composition shingles if they are properly maintained and cared for. Wood shakes are usually cut from either cedar or pine.


Installing a slate roof is definitely a job for roofing contractors in Jefferson City. The material is very heavy and difficult to cut on site. The structural members of the roof will often need reinforcing due to the weight and finding a replacement for a broken slate is almost impossible, this is why spare slates must be left behind once the job has been completed. Many homeowners who want the slate look will go with rubber or composition slate due to the difficulties.

Composition slate:

You can come very close to duplicating the look of real slate with composition slate. These shingles are made from recycled materials and are rapidly gaining acceptance by builders, homeowners and roofers alike. The faux slate eliminates two of the major problems posed by real slate; the weight and the slippery surface; the material weights about one third that of real slate.

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