The Many Benefits of Sliding Screen Doors

by | Aug 6, 2013 | Home Improvement

You can enjoy the outdoors more often when you install a sliding screen door in Houston, TX over your patio entry. These doors are normally inexpensive and very easy to add. There are many benefits to having them installed at your home.

Fresh Air

One of the benefits you can gain from the installation of a sliding screen door in Houston, TX is the ability to circulate fresh air throughout your home without worrying about unwanted pests coming inside. During cooler weather, you can let the cool breezes blow through your home. When you are having parties on your deck, these doors help you easily transport food and the ability to serve guests while not having to stop conversations. Watch birds feeding in the feeders from inside your home and avoid any pesky flies, moths or other insects. Enjoy being able to listen to the sounds of nature in the evening as you hear the hooting owls and hums of the crickets. You can keep your pets inside or out while still allowing them to be able to smell indoors or out.


The price for a sliding screen door in Houston, TX can range, but normally you can purchase a high quality door for less than $125.00. Most of the doors come complete with the installation kits which includes the track rollers and the installation hardware that is required. There are models that only come with a door handle included and you are required to purchase the additional hardware separately. When you buy the door without the hardware included it will generally cost around $75.00 just for the door. Home improvement centers can guide you in the process of understanding how these doors are installed. They can also help to make sure you have everything you need for proper installation at the time of purchase, so you do not have to make multiple trips to the store.

There are many different variations in the qualities of these products. Traditional aluminum versions are still available, although there are many new materials available such as a durable plastic that comes in a plastic frame. This allows you to select products that are more suitable to your needs. There are several color options that are available to choose from such as black, beige, white or steel. This way you can somewhat coordinate between what is already on the existing door. There is a wide range of products that are also available online.

From sliding screen door in Houston, TX to the freestanding systems, The Sliding Door Company is well renowned for its invaluable services inside Texas extending throughout the United States and Canada.

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