The Main Causes of Roof Repair Honolulu

by | May 27, 2014 | Roofing

Every homeowner needs to be aware that proper maintenance and repair for their roofing is a necessary part of ensuring it functions as it should. If you are a Honolulu homeowner, a Roof Repair Honolulu contractor can help you with roofing maintenance, repairs, replacements, and new installations. Repairs are a common service provided by these professionals. The following will cover some of the reasons you might need a roofing repair.

*     Lack of maintenance – The number one cause of repairs is the lack of proper maintenance. It’s not uncommon for homeowners to take their roof for granted and forget that it needs attention. Maintenance is crucial to preventing many causes of roofing repairs.

*     Poor installation – If a roof is not properly installed, repairs will be required. The best way to prevent this problem is to choose a roofer with a long-standing reputation in your local area. They should have the proper credentials and experience to provide these services. Other issues that can come with an improperly installed roof include making the manufacturer warranty void and a decrease in the roof’s functional lifespan.

*     Flashing issues – The flashing of a roof is the area that is designed to protect the roof from water. If this part of the roof is not properly installed or experiences damage from wind, leaking will be inevitable.

*     Age and wear – As soon as a roof is installed, it’s susceptible to the elements and deterioration. The sun, extreme heat, storms, hail, wind, rain, snow, sleet, and other weather extremes make things difficult for your roof. This exposure to the elements leads to leaks, wood rot, and can also cause other types of deterioration.

*     Falling trees – If your home is surrounded by beautiful trees, your roof may be compromised during a severe storm or if a tree falls because it’s diseased or damaged. Branches and limbs also cause some damage that needs to be addressed before the roof damage becomes worse.

These are all causes of roof damage that results in repairs. Other causes can include problems with TV antennas, extraneous weight on your roof, hurricanes, earthquakes, foundation damage, and wildlife infestations. When you enlist the services of an experienced Roof Repair Honolulu contractor, you can enjoy the benefits of quality services and avoid issues related to maintenance and poor installation. If your roof has experienced damage from the elements or nature, these professionals can make the appropriate repairs.



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