The In’s and Out’s of Demolition in Hertfordshire

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Demolition is indeed a fascinating process. It is one of the areas within the construction industry that needs to take into account gravity, wind direction, physics, safety, zoning regulations and above all, the structural integrity of the surrounding buildings. So, it is no surprise that an unsurpassed level of expertise is always required during even the smallest of jobs. Such concerns are only multiplied in a demolition in Hertfordshire that involves larger structures within an urban environment. While years of experience are indeed essential in helping to assure the safe completion of any such project, there are still a few basic steps that are always employed. So, what are these steps and why is each so essential? Let us take a quick look at the answers to this question in a bit more detail.

Assessing the Property

Before the first sledgehammer is swung or the first hydraulic crane begins its work, a professional assessment of the structure needs to take place. There are several variables that need to be taken into account such as existing physical supports, the height of the building, the inherent safety of the workers and the removal of hazardous materials such as asbestos. Of course, this assessment and the surveys involved can be quite in depth and they may last for weeks or months (depending on the contents, condition and age of the building). In most older structures, asbestos is one substance that needs to be promptly dealt with before the rest of the project can commence. In more populated areas, these concerns are magnified. Therefore, any such demolition in Hertfordshire will include a thorough survey of the building itself.

The Height into Consideration

We have all seen larger structures brought down by wrecking balls or through the used of shaped charges and implosion devices. However, this actually represents a rather small portion of the total number of demolitions in Hertfordshire and other areas. For two or three-story structures, it is likely that hydraulic excavators will instead undermine the load-bearing walls; causing the building to “fold in” upon itself with minimal damage to the surrounding areas. Taller structures will generally be “picked” from the top down, thus enabling the building to be brought down to a height that is safer and more manageable.

This is only a brief overview of the entire process and obviously, professional demolition experts are quite flexible in their approaches and the means for completing the job.

Are you interested in what else is involved concerning a demolition in Hertfordshire? If so, feel free to visit our website. We will be more than happy to answer any additional questions that you may have.

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