The Importance of Consistent Mouse Control in Minneapolis

by | Dec 2, 2015 | Pest Control

Mouse Control in Minneapolis is important because mice are an expensive visitor in any home. They are able to spread diseases, contaminate and consume food, and damage everything from the furnishings to the wood, insulation, and wiring in the home. It is unusual to have just one mouse in a home. They are typically a social animal that enjoys the safety of traveling and living with others of its kind. They also do not usually come into a home just for food but are establishing nests inside as well.

In most instances, mice both live and forage for food in a single small area. This makes it easier for them to escape danger quickly by retreating back to their nest. If the mice are breeding, it means they also have little ones to care for and are not willing to leave them at risk for long periods of time. It is a pretty good assumption that they are breeding, since most female mice give birth to at least 5 litters every year, and possibly as many as double that number. A single litter can have up to 14 young, with the average litter containing approximately 8 mice. Conservatively, this means the one mouse a homeowner spots can lead to an infestation of 40 or more within one year.

Obviously, it does not take long for a troublesome rodent scurrying in the walls to become a serious problem. House cats and the occasional baited trap will remove some mice. They are often able to keep the rodents from overtaking the property, but even together they will not be enough to eradicate the problem entirely. They are also unable to prevent further invasions from these insistent pests.

Mouse Control in Minneapolis is a serious concern that can become a local health concern if not handled properly. Mice can move from one house to the next as the population increases in order to keep all members of the group fed. To prevent this type of concern, homeowners must be vigilant about protecting their own property at all times. A good pest control service can establish a plan to eliminate any pests currently in the home and the surrounding yard and work to prevent infestations from reoccurring. Contact us to learn more about making any home less appealing to all rodents.

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