The Different Rooms Where an Epoxy Floor Can Be Used in NY

by | Jan 15, 2015 | Flooring

The epoxy floor is very popular for garages. But there durability, ease of maintenance and ability to resist stains as well as being easy to clean can make them ideal for different rooms in the home. So, you may want to consider epoxy for some of these rooms where these traits are needed.

One of the rooms in which an Epoxy Floor in NY can provide a viable surface to work on is the kitchen. Because kitchens are prone to different spills as well as high traffic, epoxy is as resistant to different types of juice stains as it is oil stains. In addition, the durability means that a lot of cooks can run through the kitchen without destroying the finish. Epoxy can also be sanitized very easily because the final surface is solid.

Another room in which an epoxy floor can be useful is in the kid’s room. If your child has allergies, this is an ideal flooring to help prevent allergies from building up. The epoxy doesn’t retain dirt, pet hair or any other allergies that can get sucked up by carpets and even by some other types of flooring. Because cleaning and sanitizing this surface is easy to do, you can protect your kids from some of the harmful allergens that can get caught in a more porous type of floor. They can also stand up to very rough play by kids.

The bathrooms are also an ideal flooring for an Epoxy Floor in NY. Since epoxy does not allow water to soak into the floorboards, mold and mildew have no chance of growing in the substance. In fact, the epoxy helps to protect many of the more vulnerable areas from potential water damage. Clean up of bathroom surfaces is easier than cleaning tiles which typically have grouting that also has to be cleaned and can harbor mold.

These are some of the rooms that can benefit from an epoxy flooring. Not only is epoxy easy to clean and easy to sanitize, it resists different types of stains as well as water. Since it comes in some many different colors and styles, it can easily fit into any home. Contact the Hoffman Floor Covering Corporation for more information on epoxy flooring. You can also visit their Google+ profile.



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