The Causes of Drain Blockage and Drain Opening in Evanston

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Drains are one thing that determines how clean and healthy the environment that we live and work in is. Not many people think about the importance of drain pipes because they are hidden anyway. However, people start noticing there are problems with drainage systems when too much damage has already occurred. Here are a few of the main causes of drain blockage and the things that you can do to help in drain opening Evanston area.

Blockage in the sink drain

Sink drains mainly block when food particles, grease, and even pieces of soap get stuck in the pipe causing an obstruction to the flow of water. When this happens, there will be no water flowing down from the sink, and the flooding leads to a foul smell. When you discover that you have this problem, you need to try using the plug, if the problem persists, you may have to get the services of an expert. This is the person that will help you get to the cause of the blockage and devise the most useful method of dealing with it.

Blockage of the main drain

A blockage in the main drain is a far more complicated problem than blockage of the sink or other part of the plumbing system. The only way that you can truly tell whether the main drain is blocked or not is by checking the closed manhole that is normally located outside the house. If the system is clear, then the problem is somewhere between the inside of the house and end of your property.

Dealing with blockages

The best way to deal with drains is to prevent blockages even before they occur. This means avoiding pouring too much grease into the drain system, however, when a blockage happens, drain opening Evanston experts are the people that you will need to consult. They make use of tools such as drain snakes, which moves through the system in a corkscrew like motion to remove the blockage. They are also experienced enough to take apart the whole system in case one part doesn’t work. The company can be contacted through their website There you will get a consultation on the problem and get professional help in drain opening.


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