The Benefits of RTA Cabinets

by | Jan 29, 2020 | Kitchen & Bath

RTA stands for Ready to Assemble, and it’s a very popular type of cabinet that millions of people end up purchasing. The nation is currently in the midst of another potential housing boom, with home prices and equity skyrocketing. This leads many people, especially around large, popular cities like Philadelphia, to want to remodel. Whether to add equity, boost the sale price, or to finally get that dream kitchen, RTA cabinets are a great option.

For people who live nearby, finding the best RTA cabinet store in Philadelphia has is the way to go. Though for people on the fence about RTA, here are some benefits of going that route.

More Options Available

One thing that people instantly notice in the RTA genre is that there are exponentially more cabinetry options available at stores and wholesalers. This is because unassembled pieces are much easier to stock, so there are always going to be tons of extra RTA options over prefab cabinets.

Scratches that DIY Itch

Let’s face it: many people want to do the projects at home themselves, not hire contractors and carpenters. Going the RTA route scratches that DIY itch that plagues so many. It gives people a chance to be hands-on in their renovations, which many prefer, plus it saves a lot of money.

Saving on Shipping

Living nearby has its benefits, as people who live in or close to Philly can shop from the best RTA cabinet store in Philadelphia offers and save a whole lot on shipping, as the products are coming from right around the corner. This is yet another way to cut costs and yet another huge benefit.

The most significant benefit of all is in the quality, affordable cabinets offered by AAA Distributor, so stop by today.

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