Stay Breezy with Air Conditioning in Tigard

by | May 7, 2014 | Heating and Air Conditioning

The sweltering summer months are days of sweating, dripping, sluggishness for most people who do not have air conditioning units. To keep up productivity and bodily hygiene, many people invest in air conditioning units for their homes. Because these units are relatively expensive to install, it really is a decade-long investment. To make the most of one’s budget and purchase, regular maintenance and repairs of air conditioning and heating units is optimal. Not only will regular maintenance and repairs increase the longevity of the unit, these procedures will also increase the unit’s efficiency.

Installing air conditioning in Tigard can be somewhat confusing if one does not call a professional. When professionals install these units, they check for proper hookups and cables, proper ductwork, and map out the most effective way for the air to travel in one’s home. In some cases, companies will have to renew the ductwork or add installation to benefit the new system.

Maintaining air conditioning in Tigard at home is relatively simple. Some tips include replacing the air filters monthly, or before if need be, ensuring proper insulation, ensuring that furniture does not block the air vents, and making regular professional maintenance appointments. While many people may believe they can maintain a unit just the same way as a professional can, they are incorrect. Professionals use a series of diagnostic tools to measure refrigerant charge (the coolant that makes the air cold), electrical readings like voltage and amperage, and fan relay. Professionals also test the fan belts, indoor fan relay, compressor, and capacitors for proper functioning.

When small maintenance items are neglected, repairs can turn costly in an instant. Before grabbing a screwdriver and trying to negotiate the problem, clients should find repairmen that work in air conditioning in Tigard. Most ventilation, heating, and air conditioning (HVAC) businesses offer a free in-home consultation for diagnostics and a quoted price for all repairs.

One such air conditioning company is Oregon Heating & Air Conditioning. This company opened over 20 years ago as a full-service residential and commercial heating and cooling business.

Check out their Better Business Bureau (BBB) listing for more information before buying an item from Oregon Heating & Air Conditioning. Click here for more


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