Smell an Opossum in the Attic? Professional Opossum Removal in Columbus, OH can Help

by | Oct 4, 2021 | Pest Control

While an opossum will eat cockroaches, beetles, crickets and even rats, many people still find it undesirable to have a large two-foot animal that weighs up to 10 pounds live in their attic or under their porch. People may fear their droppings that can leave behind dangerous bacteria and viruses. Opossums also smell bad. So when they hear it rummaging about, smell it or see it’s droppings, they quickly call for professional Opossum Removal in Columbus OH. Because opossums aren’t inherently dangerous and do provide some benefits, most exterminators attempt to trap them and bring them to an appropriate location.

Opossums will eat almost anything. So it’s easy to set a trap for Opossum Removal in Columbus OH. However, professional trappers try and use bait that other wild animals and pets don’t like. This reduces the chance that they will be trapped and not the opossum. Opossums are marsupials and very good climbers. Females will often climb up a tree and look for a way into a home when they are expecting a litter. Despite their large size, they are often successful at finding openings. Once the baby opossums have arrived, the mother carries them in a pouch. Therefore trappers don’t have to worry about abandoned babies, if they trap them outside the home. Because opossums are nocturnal, it’s common to trap them at night. If homeowners wake up and see the opossum in the trap, they are not allowed to attempt to take the animal out of it. In many states, it is against the law for anyone but a licensed trapper to trap, remove or relocate an animal.

Once they are caught, the company that performs Opossum Removal in Columbus OH will ensure that all of the entry points are blocked off. They will also clean any bio-hazards that the opossum left behind. Environmental regulations often dictate how these must be disposed of. Professionals are familiar with these and can easily comply with them. They also have the proper equipment and uniforms that protect their skin and lungs. Opossums can compact attic insulation and gnaw on boards and wires. Opossum Removal at Wildlife Control Company can include performing all of the repairs caused by the infestation. The work is usually guaranteed for one year.

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