Small Bathroom Remodeling Kansas City

by | Apr 15, 2013 | Home Improvement

Even small Bathroom Remodeling Kansas City projects can look great when done right. If your budget or floor plan doesn’t allow for an addition, you can still make use of the small space and have a functional and pretty room. Discuss ideas with a contractor so he can make suggestions to make the best use of the space.

Although you may want a luxorious master bath suite, it is not always practical. Not all homes have enough room for a large bathroom suite, and it may not be in your budget. Think of where you will gain the extra space and if you can afford to make another room or hallway smaller for a larger bathroom.

If you can’t turn a small bathroom in to a suite, then add small touches of luxury that will fit in the space. You can replace an existing shower with a whirlpool bathtub and add a larger cabinet over the mirror. Replacing the mirror with a large one will make the room look bigger and change the overall look and feel of the room.

Small spaces are good rooms to add expensive flooring because you will not need as much expensive material as you would with a large room. Consider decorative floor tiles in a mosaic pattern to a unique touch and a sense of elegance. Since the room is small, labor and materials will still be affordable. Tiles are durable, so they will last many years and add value to your home.

Consider updating your vanity with a modern one. Old vanities are square and dated, but adding a new one will give the room an instant update. A new vanity changes the look of the entire room without a lot of extra work. You may need to change your flooring if the new vanity is smaller than the old one.

Talk to a contractor about Bathroom Remodeling Kansas City to see how to use the space best. He will be able to offer tips to help the space seem larger without having to add on to your home or move walls. If your budget allows, you can add on to your home to make your bathroom bigger if you have the space inside or outside your home.


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